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Hummingbirds Garden

A hummingbird garden is a natural space designed with plants that store a considerable amount of nectar, the favorite food of hummingbirds.

Although the nectar that these little creatures feed on is the same, they tend to prefer some species of plants where their beak is better adapted to get the nectar out. Hummingbirds prefer spaces within the forest and the forest edge, so they are easily attracted to suburban and rural gardens that offer a mix of tall trees, shrubs, meadow, and grass. Within these gardens, branches are also left in strategic places with good lighting that serve as perches so that these birds can be photographed while they rest and preen their feathers before continuing to search for food.

The plants that are taken into account for these gardens depend on the type of forest, where it is located, and its height; since their good growth and development will depend on this, and as in any garden, its sunlight, soil, and moisture conditions must be considered.

In the San Pedro Sula area there are several species of plants that attract hummingbirds, but the Heliconia family stands out; a tropical plant from humid forests whose striking and exotic flower has the ability to store large amounts of nectar, which depending on the species can grow at a medium or low height, a quality that should also be taken into consideration for the distribution of these within the garden and thus facilitate the visibility of the flowers as much as possible.

We are planting plants to increase the population of hummingbirds in the Hacienda Tara Private Nature Reserve, a wildlife refuge of great importance for the city of San Pedro Sula, where we currently have 4 documented species of hummingbirds and wish to attract another 4 species by providing them with adequate food. This amazing little birds need to eat 3 times their body weight, and this type of garden will always bring them closer to us.

Did you know that 119 bird species have been identified in the Reserva Natural Privada Hacienda Tara and we offer Birdwatching Tours? Contact us for more information!

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